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Ocean regeneration refers to efforts to restore and rejuvenate the ocean and its ecosystems. This can include a wide range of activities, such as cleaning up marine debris and plastic pollution, protecting and rebuilding coral reefs, restoring fish populations, and protecting endangered marine species.

Reducing pollution

Limiting the amount of plastic waste and other pollutants such as fertilizers and pesticides that enter the ocean, through measures such as implementing stricter regulations on waste and water management, promoting the use of reusable products and waste collection techniques, and increasing public awareness about the impacts of pollution on the ocean.

Protecting and restoring marine habitats

Habitat restoration can help support biodiversity, improve water quality, and increase fish populations.For example the protection and restoration of coral reefs, mangroves, and other important marine habitats that are critical to the health of the ocean.A great tool for this is the establishment of
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Addressing climate change

The ocean plays a critical role in regulating the Earth's climate, and addressing climate change is essential to regenerating the ocean. This can be done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting carbon sinks such as mangroves and seagrass beds, and investing in renewable energy.

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We believe in Marine Protected Area as one of the greatest solutions to support
Ocean Regeneration.
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Founder, CEO

From Brittany (France) Anaïs loves to play in the Ocean and feels a strong sense of connectedness to the richness of the Ocean. Anaïs founded The Slaty Hands following an immersive experience teaching scuba diving and ever since she's been talking about the importance of Regenerating the Ocean.

Our Content & Engagement Manager

From South Africa, Kate has a flair for connecting different concepts and solutions which are often siloed and for connecting people and ideas. Passionate about sustainability, with degrees in law and environmental management, Kate’s particular interest is in managing communications.
She also coordinates the Ocean Hero series, which aims to profile hundreds of ocean leaders from around the world.

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